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சிவகாசி பட்டாசு | Crackers Bursting and Testing | Fancy Crackers | Sivakasi Fireworks | Video Shop

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சிவகாசி பட்டாசு | Crackers Bursting and Testing | Fancy Crackers Testing | Sivakasi Fireworks @VideoShop

Hi friends hope you all doing well, In this video we are explored Sivaksi Fireworks Shop. This shop name is JCS Crackers, they are selling Supreme Brand crackers in last 20 years. Supreme Brand Crackers is the most popular brand in sivakasi for crackers industry and they have maintain the quality and price. This shop has all types of fancy shots, varieties of crackers to attract the kids and adults. They are the biggest manufacturer in Sivakasi and biggest wholesale dealer also.

For our subscribers and viewers they give 60% offer for all products.

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Advance ******HAPPY DIWALI FRIENDS******

OFFER CODE : VideoShop (Use this offer code to get 60% offer)

Address :

JCS Crackers
3/1413,sivakamipuram Colony,Near RSR Petrol Bulk, Sattur, Main Road, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu 626129
Contact : 9047091825
Location Link : https://g.co/kgs/tEoBgc

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சிவகாசி பட்டாசு | Crackers Bursting and Testing | Fancy Crackers Testing | Sivakasi Fireworks | Video Shop

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