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大曲の花火 ONLY in JAPAN Fireworks Festival 2020

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This is the Omagari Fireworks Festival and within it, our ONLY in JAPAN community had it's own festival, several hundred shells manufactured by 3 factories in Akita and Fukushima lead by Komatsu in Omagari. Over the last year, the festival has been cancelled but tonight, it resumed with locals -- and one YouTube from Tokyo and his wife - Kanae - to bring some cheer to the world. Thank you to the 800+ backers who made this possible in a crowdfunding campaign that raised nearly $50,000! We will have a 2nd festival on 10/21 in Katakai next, the maker of the Yonshakudama, Honda-san will be making those and I'm so excited to do one more! Thank you to Ideya for the logistical support and helping me put this together - and the wonderful people at FM Hanabi and the city of Daisen which is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

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Table of Contents
00:00 Start
04:49 Fireworks Opening
14:16 Shaku-dama Competition
47:20 ONLY in JAPAN Fireworks - START
1:11:11 Finale Parts 1,2,3

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