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10shot 200gram NEON GREEN by MAGNUS FIREWORKS(8/1 to the Case)!!!
I picked this case up almost 2 years ago and hadn't got a single cake demo. I do have a 2 cake demo on the channel. But for those not interested in buying a case of these( would make a Awesome 80shot 1600gram 1/1).
Neon Green hits hard too, with a fairly large spread to the Breaks!!! Honestly they could've left out the other colors and kept it all green with Green stars and Green Strobe mixed with the Palms and I'd of been just as happy with the Performance. I'm always looking for single color cakes, especially Green( my favorite color and one of the most used colors in Fireworks). Even still I was very pleased with this cake and super glad I jumped on a case. Which had a great price being well under $100 for 8 Cake

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