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1️⃣6️⃣shot 200gram x2️⃣: CRISS CROSS (Winda Fireworks) *Crossetts*

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16shot 200gram CRISS CROSS, by Winda Fireworks‼️
Here's another Single effect 200gram cakes from Winda. Last time it was Silent Power & the Horsetails. This time it's Criss Cross and Crossetts with out a crackle finish. Just Super Vibrate Crossetts from the first shot to the last!!! A Big Plus to this cake is the more you shot the better it looks, and for those looking to Go Wholesale. Criss Cross comes 16/1, so one could shot 8 at once in a square, then as they are building to the finale shots, hit the other 8 spread out to really fill the Sky with Crossetts!!!
Crossetts are one of those effects you either Love or Hate. Me personally, I prefer to shot them separately. Meaning if I'm gonna shot Crossetts, then I'd prefer the whole cake that be the main effect. They loose their appeal when mixed with other effects for me. So cakes like Criss Cross are exactly what I'm looking for. Single or main effect all the way through, and this cake from Winda fits that bill perfectly. For those doing a Consumer show at home, a few ot these shot somewhere in your show, gives you that Pro feel by mixing up different effect segments of your show.
I'm not really sure of to many other brands that have a all Crossett cake. There's a Few Zipper's that I'm aware of, although several are just Rewraps of the same cake. There is of course the 1.4 Pro stuff. I think both Dominator Pro and 76Pro have something similar to Winda.
If I was Starting a Brand of Fireworks tomorrow, one thing I'd want in the lineup would be something like Winda is doing. I'd want a Single effect 10 to 16shot 200gram for every Effect. At least of everything that can be scaled down to the smaller tubes. So that's a Fish effect, Horsetail effect, Crossett effect, Mini Crackling Palm effect, mini Silver Brocade effect, mini Gold Nishiki effect, both Rainbow & RWB Peony effect, Go Getter effect, and of course a all Crackle effect. But keep each cake a single effect, and no Crackle at the end. Then maybe expand that concept to the 500gam cakes.

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