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1️⃣6️⃣shot 500gram: PYROTECHNIC MOTHERLODE (Phantom

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This is not a old cake from Phantom Fireworks. This one can easily be found today on shelves. Big Shout Out to SkimpB‼️ He gave me this cake, and since I like Crackle I had to light it up!!!
This is a Crackle every shot cake, so some Pyros may want to steer clear. But it had Loud Reports to the breaks, followed up by Sharp crackle of some kind. I've actually had this cake several times over the years. But it's been a few years since I last lit one. So Thank You SkimpB for reminding me of this Cake.
Phantom Fireworks has some Good Product on the shelves, it's just the prices that keep most of us out. This cake I believe is sold at $99 range, and here in Georgia it's Buy1Get2. So that's around $30 for one. Still to high for the Wholesale Pyros that buy most of there works by the case. But for those not able to shop wholesale, this may be one you want to add to your Stash.
Be sure to Check out Skimps Channel if you haven't already

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