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Top 10 Best is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

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Let’s be honest for a second. Everybody wants to have a drone. Even if we don’t know how to
use it or what to buy it for, the potential is endless there. You could literally do it all, from using
it as a destructive robot to shoot fireworks on your friends or find a clown in a cornfield. Here
are 10 weird things caught on camera by drone
Number 10.) Most people make the most of the summer by sunbathing in their backyards. The
boldest ones take their bodies to the park and show it off to the rest of us, but this guy really took
it up a notch. An incredibly eye-catching video posted to YouTube, shows Kevin Miller's drone
checking out the area at the sky-high level and stumbles upon a man, wearing zero safety
equipment, soaking up the sun on top of the turbine. The man is woken from his nap from the
noise of the drone, sits up, gives a wave, and looks rather perplexed as the drone moves in to get
a closer look. Talk about a great view! If you aren't afraid of heights, this might just be the best
sunbathing spot in town! Apparently, he didn’t want to be disturbed and wanted to be as close as
the sun as he could. Thus, he climbed all the way to the top of a wind turbine to get sunburnt.
C’mon man, get off of it!
Number 9.) Here’s one of the most epic drones saves you’ll ever see. A man named Dave
Svorking was flying his camera drone over a lake when the battery died mid-flight, causing the
drone to go into an uncontrolled descent straight toward the water. Svorking immediately jumped
into action, literally! AND the miraculous catch was captured by the drone itself. As you can see
from the amazing video, Svorking hopped into the lake, waded toward the drone for a bit, and

then freestyle swam toward the falling drone before catching it with one hand at the last possible
moment before it plunged to a watery death. Perhaps the drone companies need to develop an
intelligent feature that forces drones to flee water when the battery is at critically low levels…
Number 8.) Mandy Lingard was enjoying the sunshine in a G-string and without a top in her
backyard in Mount Martha, Melbourne, when a drone flew overhead to take a photograph of her
neighbor’s property. She did hear the drone but ignore it thinking it was just a kid’s toy. A few
weeks later she got the shock of her life. The photo was used by Eview Real Estate to sell the
house, with Lingard's body the main attraction on the 'for sale' sign. The sign has now been
removed by Eview Real Estate, which claims it was a simple accident. The company reportedly
said drones were commonly used in the real estate industry to capture impressive photos of the
entire property an agent is selling. The company also apologized to Lingard, but the damage was
already done.
Number 7.) Drone footage shows the devastating aftermath of paradise, a town, burnt to the
ground due to a forest fire in California. The Camp Fire burned down thousands of buildings and
killed 86 people in Paradise around two years ago. Capturing the scope of the destruction
brought by the Campfire, now quantified as California’s worst-ever by death toll and structure
loss among other factors, is not something a drone tour can do alone, but still, we will show you.
Restrictions on aerial vehicles were lifted temporarily for the news organizations to bring the
footage of the aftermath in the town. The drone was flown just south of the Paradise town in the
video, through neighborhoods east of Clark Road and north of Bille Road. The whole town looks
completely flattened by the fire. The sight is completely terrifying and gives us an idea of how
devastating and scary nature can be.
Number 6.) Three Ottawa daredevils put a new twist on the old roman candle party prank by
mounting the fireworks on a drone that chases two of the men across a frozen lake, firing its
flaming volleys at them. “We play with fireworks a bit,” said Andy Stewart, who was the man at
the controls of the drone. Filmed with a GoPro camera, Stewart tossed the video up on his
YouTube channel where it now has more than a million views. Stewart was taking his shots at
his brother, Jason, and buddy Matt Trueman. The clip shows one of the targets lighting
firecrackers on the drone before rushing out onto the snowy surface of the bay. The drone can be
seen in hot pursuit. It looks like a robot attacking humans in a low budget sci-fi movie.

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