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2019 New Year Celebrations Around The World : Spectacular Fireworks From London, Dubai & More

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2019 New Year Celebrations Around The World : See The Most Beautiful Fireworks For 2019

Millions across the globe saw their capital cities transform into a dazzling spectacle of light to mark the beginning of 2019.

Festive lights were seen engulfing the night sky of Downtown Dubai as the city held an extravagant celebration to make sure the New Year arrived with a bang.

The skyline was filled with an array of colour and smoke as a spellbinding fireworks display flew across the Burj Khalifa tower.

Tens of thousands stood on Paris's Champs Elysees as they watched the Arc de Triomphe lit up in a magical array of colours.

Festive lights also decorated the cities of Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland as the countries welcomed in the start of 2019.

In Hong Kong, the city's iconic skyscrapers provided the backdrop for a fireworks, music and light show over Victoria Harbor where some 300,000 people had gathered on New Year's Eve.

In Thailand, fireworks were seen illuminating the night sky over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok as hundreds of spectators gathered to welcome in the New Year while in Singapore crowds of people were greeted by a futuristic fireworks display at Marina Bay.

As the earth turned and midnight swept across the globe from East to West, huge firework displays burst over London, then New York, before exploding over Rio and finally Los Angeles.

Earlier today, thousands filled a main square in Pyongyang, North Korea, where dictator Kim Jong-un appears to have spared no expense to ring in the new year as footage shows fireworks in the shape of digits being launched into the sky to count down to midnight.

The party atmosphere swept onwards across major cities in Asia, Europe, Africa and finally the Americas as the world celebrated a new year.

Hong Kong: Glittering fireworks were sent skyward from five barges floating in Victoria Harbour in a 10-minute display watched by 300,000 people on the shore.

Jakarta: Hundreds of couples tied the knot in a free mass wedding, as those in the tsunami-hit Banten province, where affected towns were popular holiday destinations, were told to cancel party plans to show respect for the victims.

Tokyo: Japanese partygoers flocked to temples to ring in the New Year, while US boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr made short work of local kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition bout staged outside Tokyo which he won in two minutes.

Moscow: Concerts and light held across the city's parks drew thousands of spectators and more than 1,000 ice rinks were opened for merrymakers.

Paris: A fireworks display and sound and light show under the theme 'fraternity' lit up the Champs-Elysees despite plans for further 'yellow vest' anti-government protests at the famed avenue.

Berlin: Music lovers partied at a concert at the Brandenburg Gate, but a popular German tradition of setting off fireworks to mark the occasion was banned in some other cities over safety concerns.

London: Britain's capital ushered in the New Year by celebrating its relationship with Europe amid turmoil over the Brexit referendum vote to leave the EU, with the fireworks display at the London Eye featuring music from the continent's artists after a multi-lingual opener.

Edinburgh: The Scottish capital's traditional Hogmanay celebrations took a distinctly pro-European theme ahead of the year in which Britain is due to exit the union.

New York: Times Square erupted with fireworks and cheers at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday as thousands of hardy merrymakers braved pouring rain and watched the glowing New Year’s Eve ball complete its midnight descent to mark the start of 2019.

A drenching rain didn't stop revelers from packing Times Square, with much of the crowd determined to have a good time as they waited hours Monday night for performers including Christina Aguilera, Sting and Snoop Dogg.

Los Angeles: 50,000 people packed Grand Park in LA to see in the New Year in celebrations which included a laser show and fireworks
Here are a resume of the celebrations in world's biggest cities

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