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7️⃣shot 350gram: EARTH SHAKER (Raccoon

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7shot 350/500gram EARTH SHAKER by RACCOON FIREWORKS!!!!
Here it is Pyros, the last of the 7shot 350's that come in a mixed 6/1 case from Raccoon Brand Fireworks. Definitely a case I'd recommend to anyone looking for a Awesome mixed case with a great price. Each of these 7shot cakes Hit Hard with a Huge Spread to the Breaks, plus each one Performs different from one another. All are now on the Channel.
You get several Willow effect cakes and several Strobe cakes with this Z-Pack from Raccoon. All were nice. Several from this set come in 4/1 case's by themselves if you'd rather head that way. My only complaint is they could've made these either a mini 9shot or possibly a 10 shot without crossing over the 500gram barrier. They need a little more duration in my opinion, but that being said. I'd get this assortment again, especially at under $100.


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