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9️⃣shot 500gram: ASIAN SENSATION (World Class Fireworks)

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I got a few of these in the Stash, and there is a Demo on the channel. But it was probably one of the shittiest videos on the page. So I had to reshoot this demo with the oldest AS cake I got in the stash.
I picked this one up at the end of 2017 from a pyro that had them on stash for a minute. So this cake could very well be from 15, 16, or before.
9️⃣shot 500gram ASIAN SENSATION from World Class Fireworks is a cake you should be looking for!!! The Performance is Awesome with Hard hitting breaks and a huge Spread!!! It's almost like shooting Canister Shells in a rack( better and louder than any Ball shells, and weaker cans!!!). I highly recommend this cake if you Haven't already shot this one. Plus coming from World Class it usually isn't much

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