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American Fireworks 2021 Demo: Part 4 - Dominator, Alamo & Cutting Edge Fireworks (500 Gram Cakes)

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This is the 4th, and final, part to the 2021 American Fireworks Demo, which includes cakes from Dominator, Alamo and Cutting Edge Fireworks.

Here's a list of the cakes that were demoed (in the order that they appear in the video):

- Fierce Fury (Alamo)
- Fish Tails (Cutting Edge)
- Galactic (Alamo)
- Mammoth Brocade (Dominator)
- Mammoth Strobe Red (Dominator)
- Out Cold (Dominator)
- Patriotic Dominance (Dominator)

*As for the "500th Video" giveaway drawing that I was supposed to do today, I will be postponing that until tomorrow (May 2nd), so if you haven't entered the giveaway already, you'll have an extra day to do so

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