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BACKYARD WATER GAME!! Family Water Balloon Battle and Fireworks with Adleys Friend!

Спасибо! Поделитесь с друзьями!


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Jenny has a fun best day ever with all her family!

JOIN THE FAM!! --- http://goo.gl/rfgp8V

Best Water Balloon Day Ever 991

Niko is a full time walker!! Ever since he learned how to walk he has been cruising all over the place. He's so cute and we love watching him grow and learn new things. While Jenny and Niko are playing with his new soccer ball, they hear someone at the door. They don't see anyone but there's a mystery package left on our door step. A surprise for the whole family. After unboxing the gift, we find a new barbie for Adley, some silly string, and Disney Princess bubbles.

The family goes into the backyard where Adley can't wait to play with the bubbles, and Jenny surprises the kids with the silly string. So cute!! It's then time for a backyard water party! Jenny's family is coming over to play on the splash pad and cool off from the crazy heat. Jenny's brother Mike and I both showed up to the party a little late, so Jenny gets all the kids together and they prank us with water balloons! We have a big water balloon battle in the backyard with the whole family! It was tons of fun!!

We then head to the SpaceStation, because we have a Birthday to celebrate today. We are also moving people around and I'm setting up my new office with tons of awesome updates from Scott our metal guy. After that its back home for more family fun, it's a Utah holiday, so we're going to our friends house to hang out and for Niko's very first fireworks!

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Watch yesterday's Best Day Ever: ADLEY LEARNS TO RIDE A BIKE!! What we do Before Bedtime with the Family, and SPAGHETTI

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