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Best Fireworks 2019 Festival "Nagaoka" Nigata JAPAN

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The Nagaoka fireworks Festival Show will launch 20.000fireworks in two nights(2nd and 3rd ,August),
and will be held against the backdrop of the Shinano River,the longest in Japan.
The most spectacular and magnificent fireworks color the summer night sky of Nagaoka,and attract us.
The breathtaking Nagaoka Fireworks will make unforgettable memories in your hearts.

[Fireworks program August 2, 2019]
0:00 Ten chi jin Fireworks
3:05 Phoenix Fireworks Wishing for Recovery
6:33 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama
7:55 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama
9:00 “Furusato Wa Hitotsu” Fireworks
12:50 Kome Hyappyô Fireworks,1-foot-diameter shell
(100 shots in sequence)

[Fireworks program August 3, 2019]
16:30 “Kono Sora no Hana” Fireworks
20:10 Phoenix Fireworks Wishing for Recovery
23:35 “Furusato Wa Hitotsu” Fireworks
27:05 Size 30, Shô-Sanjakudama
29:30 Kome Hyappyô Fireworks,1-foot-diameter shell
(100 shots in sequence)

The year after the Nagaoka air raid on August 1, 1954, the Nagaoka citizens rose to reconstruction, holding the "Nagaoka Revival Festival" on August 1, the fireworks display revived in 1954 and celebrated 70 years this year It was.
Looking back on the history of "Nagaoka Fireworks", the thoughts of "memorials", "reconstruction", "prayers for peace" that the predecessors have connected have been born.
The strong feelings put in Nagaoka fireworks have not changed even after 70 years, and are well handed down among us living now.

SONY α7S II [7SM2]
Nikon 14-24 f2.8
Commlite ENF-E1 PRO


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