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Blowing Things Up With Fireworks // Fireworks Mania Game // FIREWORKS SIMULATOR GAMEPLAY

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In the real world blowing things up with fireworks is frowned upon...BUT in this Fireworks simulator game. Fireworks Mania, a brand new addition to the funny simulator games genre lets you blow up as many fireworks as you possibly can! This fireworks simulator game lets players create amazing, well thought out and perfectly timed fireworks displays OR you can be like me and end up blowing up a house with fireworks in a series of ridiculous fireworks simulator gameplay moments!

If you're looking for new simulator games 2020 / funny simulator games and you like blowing things up then check out Fireworks Mania, a simple game that is fantastic for blowing off some steam and watching some amazing fireworks displays. Sometimes a game doesn't need to be filled with a deep plot or story, sometimes you just want some realistic fireworks gameplay / fireworks simulator gameplay to kick back and chillout with! If that sounds like something you'd enjoy then check the links below and add Fireworks Mania game to your wishlist on Steam today!

Who knew blowing things up with fireworks could be so much fun... (DON'T ACTUALLY BLOW THINGS UP WITH FIREWORKS, USE THIS GAME...Please)

Fireworks Mania download goes live on Steam - 17th December 2020

Wishlist Fireworks Mania game now - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1079260/Fireworks_Mania__An_Explosive_Simulator/

(This fireworks gameplay / fireworks simulator gameplay is taken from the funny simulator game Fireworks Mania, the game is out on Steam on the 17th of December)

#FireworksSimulator #FireworksMania #FireworksSimulatorGameplay

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