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Christmas Parade, Light Show, and Fireworks in Columbia, MS

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Our small town of Columbia, MS had a spectacular light and firework show after our annual Christmas parade! The entire downtown Main Street area was covered with Christmas lights, with an enormous Christmas Tree in the center. All of the lights were were synchronized to music, and it was all topped off with a beautiful fireworks display over our historic courthouse.

#christmas2018 #christmaslights #christmas #christmastree #christmasfireworks #christmasparade


About REaL Fun:

REaL Fun is a kids channel following the adventures and silliness of Ryan, Evan, and Logan (plus mom and dad). Our goal is to create videos that kids (especially ours) love to watch, without driving everyone else in the house crazy!

Ryan:: 9 years old. Loves reptiles, gaming, taekwondo, and pranking everyone in the house (all the time).

Evan:: 6 years old. Loves sports, gaming, taekwondo, and crossing his eyes!

Logan:: 3 years old. Loves robots, legos, cats, and watching roomba video reviews on youtube (go figure?!)

Mom:: Loves, mostly :-), being a boy mom, teaches art, enjoys painting, pottery, and anything crafty!

Dad:: Loves having REaL Fun with his family. Also loves technology and coffee.

Above all, we love being followers of Jesus and enjoying all of His blessings in our lives!


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