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Fireworks Info (New 5 Inch Canister Shells) - Growler (World Class) Officially Revealed By Jake's!!

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The new 5 inch canister shell by World Class has officially been revealed. It is not called "Super Excalibur" like some of us had guessed.

It is called "Growler." Short, but sweet, lol.

This shell kit will officially be demoed today at several Jake's Fireworks stores/stands. There are no demo videos available as of today (April 13th), but I'd imagine demos of these shells will be up on the Jake's Fireworks website at some point in the very near future.

There are some very interesting facts about this new shell kit.

1.) For wholesale customers, the case for these shells will be packaged as 3/1 (which is an odd number, considering that most canister shells are packaged as 4/1 cases).

2.) 2019 will have a limited run/stock for these shells (to test the market).

3.) Because of the limited run/stock, these shells will only be sold at various Jake's Fireworks/World Class stands/stores for the 2019 firework season.

4.) These shells will be distributed to other retailers/wholesalers starting in 2020, so they will be more readily available starting next year.

Here's hoping that I'll be able to get my hands on a few of these shells this year in order to demo them for you guys!!

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