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Fireworks Info - WF Boom Shipping Discount Structure (COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!)

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Shoutout to "thedarkemissary" for bringing this to my attention. About a year ago, WF Boom started offering Early Bird shipping discounts on their orders. Like the Early Bird discounts for the orders themselves, the earlier the order is made, paid for and shipped, the bigger the discount you'll receive on shipping. The only catch is that the discounts are only valid on in-stock items. So if you have to wait until an item (or several items) is in stock, then you'll receive a lower discount depending on the month that your order is shipped in. If your order is shipped out during the month of June, then you will not receive a discount. Still, this is a great offer by WF Boom for out-of-state customers and they're the only wholesaler that I know of that offers discounts on both the order AND the shipping.

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