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Fireworks (Original Song)

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I love making songs about myself instead of about YouTubers or covers, so here we are. This is perhaps my favourite song I've written to date. In July, I went on a trip across America, with one of the stops being near Lake Michigan; this is where I experienced my first 4th of July celebration. During that time, I was going through a lot, but whilst I was there, it helped me become who I am today.


Verse 1:
I was going through hell
It was hard for me to see this world going so well
But even in such rough times as this
You are one of the people I don’t want to miss

If we don’t see each other again, that’s alright
I’ll still remember that night

2 orphans on an the 4th of July
As we see the fireworks light up the sky
Over the lake, families are together
I feel like this moment could last forever
If it wasn’t for you, I would have broken down
But while I was there, there was never a frown
There were times where I felt like I was a jerk
But I still remember that night with the fireworks

Verse 2:
It wasn’t so bad
Away from my home, my mum and my dad
You helped me laugh again
In times when I could really use a friend

If we don’t see each other again, that’s alright
I’ll still remember that night


The fireworks
And even if we’re thousands of miles away
By the lake with you is where I want to stay
In the starlight, I look at the lights and say


My Tumblr: https://unirob.tumblr.com/

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