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Georg Handel ~ Suite In D

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Note: this work appears for educational purposes only; we do not claim any copyright on it and we do not accrue any profit from its presence here. It is simply our desire to share this splendid piece with a wider audience. If the current copyright holders wish us to remove it, please contact us and we shall do so immediately.

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685 – 1759) wrote a large amount of purely orchestral music in his career, a tiny selection of which is included here. The overture will sound strangely familiar – it is the first (and ultimately rejected) version of what would eventually become the overture to the Fireworks Suite. There follows a movement from the Water Music, the Sarabande In D and 2 more movements from the Water Music including the famous Hornpipe. Performed by the Sinfonia Of London except the Sarabande which is performed by the English Chamber Orchestra.

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