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Huge Explosion At Fireworks Factory

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This is the moment a huge column of black smoke bellows high into the air like a mushroom cloud after an explosion at a fireworks warehouse. According to the Mexican Institute of Pyrotechnics, nobody was hurt during the explosions at the warehouse in the borough of Chimalhuacan in the central Mexican state of Mexico. However, one police officer was injured during attempts to put out the blaze when he suffered a fall and needed to be attended to by paramedics. According to the local authorities, the explosions took place at an official pyrotechnics storage facility at around 3.20pm. Moments following the double explosion, residents started to film the huge black column of smoke bellowing from the damaged warehouse. In the clips, thick smoke is seen extending high into the air and one angle shows the column rising from the warehouse like a mushroom cloud. Another angle shows the emergency services arriving to the scene to put out the flames. According to reports, officials from the police, Civil Protection and fire brigade arrived to assist residents and put out the rapidly spreading fire. The Mexican authorities have confirmed that nobody was injured and the cause of the fire is currently unknown. The investigation is ongoing.
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