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Lighting Dominator Fireworks 500/200g Cakes!


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Don’t forget to subscribe for YEAR ROUND firework content! There are 5 things listed below in numerical order. If you do one (or all) of them, it will not only benefit you in many ways, but it will help me create more content for you! Some of the things I offer below include savings on actual fireworks, firework equipment, coupon codes, and even FREE stocks! Check it out :)

1. If you’d like to support this awesome year-round firework channel, checking out my clothing line is the best way to do so: https://teespring.com/stores/pyro-apparel

2. Want to know how I fund my fireworks? I trade on the stock market! It’s pretty easy, and you can do the same using my invite link on Robinhood. Plus, you’ll receive a FREE stock for signing up with my link: https://invite.robinhood.com/codyb2898 If you’d rather use WeBull to fund your fireworks, then use my invite link to sign up and receive 2 FREE stocks: https://act.webull.com/i/y2AUUCsFe8cz/ix5/

3. Up your Pyro Game and get equipment to help stabilize your fireworks while making your display BIGGER and SAFER! Use my code at check out to receive 10% off! Code: CodyB10 Website: https://redbeardsfireworksshowcase.com

4. Need fireworks now? Buy fireworks ONLINE and ship them directly to your doorstep with no hassle! Yes, EVEN THE BIG STUFF SHIPS! Make sure to use my link: https://www.redapplefireworks.com/?rfsn=4006067.5e24d2 and type in “CBPYRO10” at check-out to receive $10 off your entire order!

5. Can’t buy the big stuff? That’s fine too! Get yourself the worlds BEST smoke-signals shipped to almost ANYWHERE in the USA including California! Use my link here: https://smokybombs.com/?rfsn=4709939.979ca3 BUT before you order, you have to see these things in action. So watch this video too: https://youtu.be/t9zGtwWS7Yg

#CodyBPyrotechnics #Fireworks

If you made it this far into the description, you’re AWESOME!

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