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New Fireworks Haul 2019 - Pt 2

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It’s part 2 of our 2019 New Item Haul!

See Sam's top picks for fresh items from Sky Bacon Fireworks, Winda, Realtree Fireworks, Brothers, and Shogun.

Come see Sam and the rest of the ’76 team at our Spring 2019 demo on April 27! In addition to a product demonstration that includes new items this firework season, join us at a Pro Shooter’s School (sponsored by J&M Displays), a Retailer Roundtable (hosted by Chris Sander), a ’76 Pro Line roundtable (hosted by Steve Franz), and a MO Fireworks Club Showdown between KCAP and MOPyro. Plus, enjoy 30% off at the Spirit of ’76 Retail Store! See 76fireworks.com/demo for details.

***** Sky Bacon T-Shirt Giveaway *****

Roll up to our demo in style! One lucky attendee of the Spirit of ’76 Spring 2019 Demo will win FOUR Sky Bacon T-shirts of their preferred size/color.

Use the following link to enter in the giveaway and then RSVP to the demo. If you’ve already RSVP’d, you can still use the following link to register for the giveaway.


Winner will be chosen and announced Wednesday, April 17. Must complete the form AND be registered for the demo on April 27 to qualify.

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