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Nighttime Snacks, Rides, And Fireworks At Magic Kingdom!

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It's hard to get creative with a tantalizing title when we visit the theme parks as much as we do for as little of a reason occasionally other than to just enjoy some time together, but that's exactly what Brennan and I did! After rappelling down the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, we decided to continue our day of adrenaline and head to Magic Kingdom together in the evening for the first time in a while (not counting the recent holiday parties). We had some snacks, rode a few rides, and watched the fireworks for the first time in a while in the back of Fantasyland (away from the crowds). We also found a new place to take some cool new pictures in Tomorrowland! All in all it was a wonderful trip that I'm glad we were able to do together, and I appreciate you coming along! See you soon!

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