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Off Topic: BO3 Zombies comparison Dead Wire, Blast Furnace, Fireworks & Turned in March 2020

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Most of the double pap features got buffs or nerfs. The OP Dead Wire is not too strong, but works often. Fireworks is by far the strongest, but it takes long to recharge.

Beat by Exzenzia:

But see by your own. Maybe one can explain me the following: is the amount of occurance of e.g. Dead Wire depending on the weapon or time? I mean: if I have two weapons with the same double pap feature, can I use them the double amount of time? What I know: not with turned! You only have one, but only if hte one is nearly to death, the secound zombie can be turned! But even with two players we managed it in very rare situations for a short time period to have 4 turned.
But what would be interesting ( I will test it, if noone knows): I fire Fireworks with an e.g. KN44n change to an ICR-1 with Fireworks too and the question is now: does it work instantly? Would be good for camping if stuck! If you train it makes no difference. Both ways (one or two guns) you wait untill all (most) zombies that are spawning at the same time, till you fire your gun on them. Even with Deaf Wire I would recommend to shoot much more often.

Left is Thunderwall but I think you need many shots to kill a horde and can not show it on video, because it is to low (killing too less zombies) so the horde refills till you are using thunderwall.

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