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Planet Coaster sandbox park "Shandalar" - Airtram (Pompeii to Laketown)

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Airtram is the monorail light line system that serves 7 of the 9 themed areas of Shandalar.

Welcome to Shandalar. 9 themed areas situated on a panoramic landscape.

1)Laketown - A elven colony surrounded by Lake Shandalar featuring the winged coaster "Gatekeeper" which encircles the entire colony.

2)Calistoga Mills - The wild west frontier which features the runaway mine train "Calamity Mountain Goldrusher" which was the very first coaster I built in the entire park.

3)Camelot - A medeival territory featuring a slightly altered version of "Steel Vengeance" and the dark ride "Castlevania."

4)Galactica - A sci-fi space fantasy outpost that includes such attractions as the giga coaster "Andromeda," the launch coaster "Antares" and the spinning coaster "Expedition Venus."

5)Pirate Cove - A stronghold for pirates featuring the suspended coaster "Escape From Pirate Island" and the woodie "Strikeforce."

6)Mirkwood - A haunted village which features the single rail coaster "Nightmare," the "Grim Reaper" woodie, the dark ride "House On Haunted Hill" and the "Red Scare" iron claw thrill ride.

7)The Docklands - A picturesque maritime town on Lake Shandalar that features a nightly fireworks display down on the docks.

8)Luxor Falls - A scenic egyptian region featuring the massive hypercoaser "Thunder Raven" and the reverse freefall coaster "Curse Of Anubis."

9)Pompeii - An italian hamlet surrounding the active Mount Vesuvius featuring the floorless coaster "Vesuvius" and the stand up coaster "Apollo's Chariot."

It took about 3 years for me to complete this park (to my own satisfaction). Many of the themes are based on things of personal interest such as names I used for rides. Thanks to all the incredible items in the workshop, I was able to put this park together and make each theme exciting and visually stunning.

Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2238178239&fbclid=IwAR3c9yxS1hRIV61VP48gO7wubUecy-UINgAxYxG_NNl8AUbLBijaUxTAan8

Music from You Tube Audio Library: "The Throne"

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