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Promo- Green Crackers: Eco friendly fireworks (E)

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In 2017 after Diwali, Indian capital city Delhi was declared the most polluted capital in the world. This was a sign of disaster. Indian Government got alarmed, Supreme Court had issued a verdict to BAN the use of traditional crackers, new eco- friendly Green Crackers to be produced and be used in the NCR. Green crackers are devoid of harmful chemicals and cause fewer emissions than conventional firecrackers. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research came forward to rescue of the country and the environment. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, commissioned scientists at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute NEERI, under CSIR to develop less-toxic firecrackers to provide safer alternatives. The team devised 3-4 formulations and focused at 30-40% of active materials which reduce pollutants. Quite a few cracker manufacturers were given training, issued licenses to produce green crackers.
We all have the responsibility to save, preserve and maintain our environment. Let’s adopt Science, Green Crackers and celebrate our Happiness. #CSIR #NEEERI #GreenCrackers

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