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San Antonio: Teen Gets Hands Blown Off From Fireworks During Illegal Street Racing Event

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January 04, 2021 | SAN ANTONIO, TX: Around 10:30 PM 200-300 reckless street racers took over the Eisenhauer Marketplace parking lot and began doing donuts and shooting off fireworks.

Police say that two males were injured by fireworks during the event. One of the males was injured while he was holding a mortar shell in his hand while another person lit it and it blew up in his hand, blowing both of his hands completely off. Another male was hit by a mortar that was thrown in his direction and it blew his fingertips off and blew out his eyes, possibly causing vision loss. Both males were transported to SAMMC.

Police say that the police department needs serious help and manpower to help curb this reckless life endangering behavior. The current amount of officers do not have the manpower to respond to the normal call load and chase the street racers around and enforce laws for reckless behavior. He is begging the city for help.

No arrests have been made in this case at last word.

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