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Sandusky Fireworks 2019 Demo (Part 1) - Winda Products

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This is part 1 of the 2019 Sandusky Fireworks Demo. This demo took place back on July 17th of last year and I had intended to post it before the 4th, but my hard drive for my PC was busted at the time and I also had other videos that I had to post before the 4th. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes, better late than never.

There were products from 5 other brands in this demo and I'll be posting each of them in a separate video with the exception of World Class and Cutting Edge (I'll be posting those 2 brands in one video since they're both a part of Jake's Fireworks). So expect 4 more videos from this demo.

Here's a list of the items that were demoed in this video

- Hello (fountain)
- Snow Cone (fountain)

- Eye Candy (200 gram cake)
- Mercurial Bee (200 gram cake)
- Great Expectation (200 gram cake)
- Strong Man (200 gram cake)
- House Party (200 gram cake)
- Lace Combustion (200 gram cake)

- Hawaii Dream (500 gram cake)
- Super Stunt (500 gram cake)
- Neon Shake (500 gram cake)
- Bombshell Diamonds White (500 gram cake)
- Golden Peacock (500 gram cake)
- Amazing Ballet (500 gram cake)

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You can also reach me by email at pyro_fanatics@yahoo.com

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