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Sky Shots Testing Sony Fireworks | 2inch Euro Series | Crackers Show Time |

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Hi Friends and Kutties,

Video by "Crackers Show Time"

Testing Sky Shots from Sony Fireworks

3inch Sky Shots Ever Shine Series, Palm Tree, Red Showers, Yellow Showers

Bought it from SONY Vinayaga Pattasu Kadi Sivakasi
Contact : 9488000200

Price : Rs. 252 each with 2pcs packing

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Sony is well known brand and their brand name Snail and Rat one of the biggest fireworks industry in Sivakasi,

They are good in make fancy verities will do more and more testing of their product

They have huge product line up and packing quality is ok.

About Crackers Show Time,

"Crackers Show Time" would like to bring you Fireworks Show, Fireworks Display, Fireworks Brand Comparison, Firecrackers Comparison, Testing Different types of Firecrackers, Testing Different Brands, Similar Products Comparison, Testing Fancy Crackers, Testing Multiple Shots from Multi Brands,

And, "we are not promoting any brand or product, our only motivation is to show you the quality and function of fireworks, why we are doing comparison is that, one better then other and how unique is the product that's it".

Brand selection product selection and all is your choice and best of your knowledge.

Hope we give you the best and we always try to bring you the best

Please Subscribe and Support, Share your views and Comments.

For Subscribe "Crackers Show Time"

#CrackersShowTime #SonyFireworks #CST

Thank you,

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