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SPECIAL DELIVERY! 5-Box Fireworks Stash Addition | Shoutout to MyFireworkDemos!

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Link to MyFireworkDemos is down below!!!
Knock knock, it's special delivery time! MyFireworkDemos absolutely hooked us UP this weekend, fellow pyros! I am financially incapable of buying any pyro right now and for at least the next 4 weeks anyway, so his hookup came at the perfect time! Check out this crazy FIVE BOX addition to my fireworks stash! Hopefully you're drooling over the huge amount of demos I will be cranking out right after the 4th of July! ;)

MyFireworkDemos' Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxmzYM79FFLEQSxoDqGBVg

Check out Cool Pyro Products while you're here! My site has over 300 reviews on powerful fireworks from seven different brands; only the best pyro makes it on Cool Pyro Products! The site will get items from World Class's New for 2019 lineup sometime soon!

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