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Spirit of '76 Virtual Demo - Consumer Fireworks - May 8, 2020

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Thank you for tuning in to our second virtual demo this season! Please find the shoot list and giveaway form here: http://www.76fireworks.com/may8

All items you'll see tonight were freshly shot just the other day and are production quality. All items are in stock at our warehouse and ready to ship out. Also, warehouse pickups will resume Monday, May 11th!

Please watch the full demo as there will be announcements and giveaway breaks. We'll also have a 5-minute intermission halfway through the shoot list.

After the demo, our sales team will be ready to answer your call! Call your sales rep's direct line or use our main line, 573-447-1776. You can also start your order online at http://www.76fireworks.com.

Be sure to take advantage of our Early Order Sale which ends May 12: https://www.76fireworks.com/pages/Discounts

Spirit of '76 Webinars - http://www.76fireworks.com/webinars

Realtree Fireworks website - https://www.realtreefireworks.com/
Sky Bacon Fireworks website - https://www.skybaconfireworks.com/
'76 Pro Line website - https://www.76proline.com/

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