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Spyro the Dragon - Rocketeer Trophy & Achievement - Light 3 fireworks within 15 seconds

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Spyro the Dragon Rocketeer trophy and achievement guide. Light 3 fireworks within 15 seconds. LOCATION - Terrace Village

Join me and other trophy hunters in the official PS4Trophies Discord Server - https://discord.gg/PS4Trophies

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#PS4Trophies #Trophy #Walkthrough #Gameplay #LetsPlay

★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

Gnasty's Demise (Platinum)
Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies

Boom! (Bronze)
Take a trip with a Balloonist

Hop, Skip, and Jump (Bronze)
Find the hidden entrance to Sunny Flight

Sheep Kebab (Bronze)
Flame 10 sheep in Stone Hill

Light My Fire (Bronze)
Light the two bonfires in Dark Hollow

Leaf on the Wind (Bronze)
Glide to secret Egg Thief area in Town Square

Barnstormer (Silver)
Do a loop around an arch

Burnt Toast (Silver)
Defeat Toasty without getting hit by him

Shoot the Moon (Bronze)
Use a cannon to dispatch a taunting Gnorc

Bird Brained (Bronze)
Charge a Vulture

Birds of a Feather (Bronze)
Flame every Vulture in Cliff Town

Triathlon (Bronze)
Defeat all three Ski Gnorcs

Hot Wings 1 (Silver)
Flame all Fairies in Night Flight

What's in the Box? (Bronze)
Unlock the strong chest in Doctor Shemp

Comin' Through! (Bronze)
Charge through 4 Armored Druids near the start of Magic Crafters

Pops of the Tops (Silver)
Detonate 3 explosive chests on the pillars in Alpine Ridge

Arachnophobe (Bronze)
Defeat all Metalback Spiders

Egg Hunt (Silver)
Defeat hidden Egg Thief in Wizard Peak

Hot Wings 2 (Silver)
Flame all Fairies in Crystal Flight

Gatherer (Silver)
Collect 400 gems in Blowhard

Mushroom Hunter (Silver)
Flame 5 Glowing Mushrooms in Beast Makers

Rocketeer (Bronze)
Light 3 fireworks within 15 seconds

Cage Free (Bronze)
Free a trapped Chicken

Launch Date (Gold)
Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops

I Believe it is Time for Me to Fly (Silver)
Complete Wild Flight without touching the ground

Gems in the Rough (Silver)
Collect 500 gems in Metalhead

Fool's Errand (Bronze)
Charge through 3 Armored Fools in a row

Bad Doggies! (Silver)
Defeat 3 Demon Dogs in large form

All Puffed Up (Silver)
Charge through 4 Puffer Birds in a row

Scrap Metal (Silver)
Defeat all Tin Soldiers

Fly Like an Eagle (Gold)
Complete Icy Flight without touching the ground

Jacques-tacular (Silver)
Defeat 4 Nightmare Beasts in one glide

I'm in the Money! (Gold)
Unlock Gnasty's Loot

Ratastic! (Bronze)
Complete Gnorc Cove without killing any Rats

What Really Grinds My Gears (Silver)
Destroy 6 gears in Twilight Harbor

Dragon and On and On (Silver)
Get Gnasty Gnorc to complete 5 laps

Hoarder (Silver)
Collect all gems in Gnasty's Loot

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