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As you can see I went on another pyro road trip!!! this time to the Northeast, better yet the Philly area for this one. Had to travel North for business and figured it a good idea to hit up a few stores as well. been wanting to get by this place for years now, ever since I saw the first Planet X in hardcore pyro products on YouTube. Same with the PYRO light in the center of the store. Once I saw it on PYRO NATION store tour, I knew I had to set eyes on it for myself. as you will see, Intergalactic carries a lot of good products and brands. I definitely didn't waste the opportunity and picked up quite a few items I don't see it home. I only wish I had about $2000 to burn here!!! but I will definitely be making future trips to this location. the store was clean well-stocked and the employees were great and willing to steer me in the right direction

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