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Sugared!The prince pick up his crush to see fireworks and confess to her ep42-4

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ep 42
2019 Best Chinese ancient drama
[ Goodbye My Princess ]
It tells the story of Xiaofeng, who is the western state’s the ninth princess, her emotional entanglement between Li Chengyin who is the fifth prince of Li Dynasty.At first, you might think it's just typical historical drama, but it really isn't. The main character is head strong, independent, but sweet and innocent at the same time.

I made these clips in order, and the plot clips I cut are also easy to get for you, so you can easily enjoy the wonderful clips of this drama in MM dramaclips channel. Last but not least, I directly add English subtitles! Then you can directly see the bilingual subtitles with English and Chinese~ I hope you will like it and enjoy!
Here is this drama link→https://bit.ly/2rkvurS

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