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Taipei may cancel New Year’s Eve concert due to COVID, but fireworks show to go on

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Taipei City''s New Year''s Eve concert could be canceled this year if domestic COVID cases surge. The Taipei City government made the announcement on Friday. It said the concert will be canceled or converted to livestream only, if Taipei gets 15 locally transmitted cases in the week leading up to Dec. 31. But no matter what happens, the annual fireworks extravaganza will go on at Taipei 101.

Chang Hsueh-shun
Taipei Financial Center Corporation chairman
We will act according to the resolution of the board of directors meeting, which is to hold the fireworks event at Taipei 101 this year as scheduled. The fireworks event at Taipei 101 is held privately by the Taipei Financial Center Corporation. Especially at this time we want to hold it, because while the pandemic has hit hard around the world, in Taiwan it’s mostly life as usual. So, we want to put on the fireworks show as a symbol of hope for the New Year, as a way to boost public morale.

The Taipei Financial Center Corporation emphasized that its fireworks show and the city government''s countdown concert are two different events, and that the fireworks will go ahead no matter what. More details on this year''s display will be released in the weeks to come.

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