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Testing Fastest Wala Ever | 5000 Wala from Chima Fireworks | Crackers Show Time |

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Hi Friends & Kutties

Video by "Crackers Show Time"

5000 Bonsai Lar from Sri Chima Fireworks,

Fastest Wala Ever

Testing Chima Fireworks Bonsai Wala

Rs. 1800 at Chima Agencies

Sri Chima Fireworks, Brand Name "Chima" is one of the Best Brand from Sivakasi.

Over all their products are good in Quality with Reasonable Price.

Specially when coming to Wala crackers they are expect and excellent in quality as well so fast

Their Walas are called "Bonsai" the shell size is very small when compare to other brands.

I wanted to show you all how good their products and how safe it is.

Their products are so good and safety, saying this because i am using their product since 5years and never ever faced any problem.

And accuracy is about 99%

Only Thing they don't have crackling crackers in their product line

"Sri Chima Fireworks"

Hope you all enjoy the video

Please Subscribe and Support "Crackers Show Time"

More and More Subscription will give me an Enthusiastic to make more colourful videos,

Thank you very much,

keep watching and do subscribe and support

#Bonsai5000Wala #FastestWalaEver #ChimaFireworks

"Cracker Show Time"

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